Dead Weight

from by Worth



Over time, we set a precedent,
and in time it’s washed away.
We fall in line among kings and presidents,
as all in time, all will decay.

In a lifetime foundations crumble
and over centuries turn to dust.
No human voice will ever speak our names again,
as all will end, this we can trust.

Dead weight.
In 100 years/all in time/you can trust...
we'll be dead in the dirt.

This curse we've all but closed our eyes to -
that's taken down the best of men -
I take as comfort that when I fuck up
all my mistakes will be forgotten in the end.

But as for now I'll do my god damn best
to live the life I have to live.
The pain comes daily but at least I still exist.
And when I'm dead, I'll be good and done with it.


from s​/​t, released September 28, 2015


tags: rock Delaware


all rights reserved


Worth Delaware


s/t out on De Nada Records & Euth Group Tapes


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